Stacey provides counseling services and coaching support tailored to your unique needs and life situation. 


It's not enough to just correct our weaknesses and be less miserable, we need to bring more meaning and purpose into our lives.  By understanding positive emotion, we build positive traits which gives us greater balance and joy.  We become more creative, more fulfilled and we're nicer people!  We stop projecting our expectations onto others and start to take responsibility for our choices and experiences.  Experiencing positive emotions allows negative emotions to dissipate; strengths and virtues grow -- giving us the tools to deal with life's inevitable ups and downs.  We move from less misery to greater joy!

Stacey welcomes the opportunity to talk with you directly about your concerns and to answer any questions you might have about her treatment approaches. She is dedicated to helping you bring joy and balance back into your life!


 Please contact Stacey if you have questions about her work, want to schedule a FREE INITIAL CONSULT or would like information about her fees and services at:



"What is really important, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect, and beginning the work of becoming yourself."         Anna Quindlen