Guided Imagery and Hypnosis are techniques which create an altered state of consciousness.  This altered state of consciousness is a relaxed but very alert state of being.  It feels very similar to being deeply absorbed in a wonderful day dream.  In this state, your unconscious mind is more accessible and open to positive suggestions.  These positive suggestions have a healing influence on your physical and emotional well-being.  These are safe and gentle treatments.  Both the American Medical Association and the American Dental Association endorse Hypnosis as an adjunct to medical and dental care and have recommended that it be taught in medical and dental schools. 

Hypnosis is possible for almost anyone.  A Hypnosis session begins with a discussion about what positive changes you'd like to make in your life.  After entering a deeply relaxed state, we will consider new ways of dealing with whatever is troubling you.  While you are in this relaxed state, I will make specific suggestions which are in alignment with your deepest and most positive self-beliefs.  These positive suggestions are designed to effect change and healing in your everyday conscious world!   

Guided Imagery is very similar to Hypnosis but without specific suggestions for change.  Rather, Guided Imagery is like an imaginary holiday for your nervous system.  When we are under constant stress, even if this stress is subtle, our nervous system responds by becoming chronically hyper-activated by releasing a steady stream of stress hormones.  These stress hormones can have a negative and debilitating impact on our physical and emotional health.  Guided Imagery soothes our hyper-activated neurology and calms the release of stress hormones returning our bodies to a more equitable state. 

Here is a Guided Imagery that is useful for allowing you to feel calm and peaceful.  Just click the Play button, sit back and RELAX!