"We human being, regardless of gender, language, age, ethnic heritage, intelligence, physical capabilities, beliefs, and so on, are only as free as we conscious and self-aware.  Our actions are "predetermined," "automatic," and "unfree" to the precise extent that we remain unconscious and unaware of our deeper interior drives and dramas.  It is a continuum: as we become more conscious, self-aware, and aware of our multilayered relationships with others, and with the depths of our own unconscious psyches, we are also provided with the expanding opportunity to become more free, creative, compassionate, and expressive in the outer world.  No matter where we may fall on this continuum of evolving consciousness, we are always free to either follow or ignore the subtle and startling suggestions that our dreams make about how we might become more healthy and whole, while at the same time we are never free to avoid the consequences, both calculated and unintended, of these choices."  (J. Taylor, 1992, The Wisdom of Your Dreams)

have been fortunate to study Projective Dream Work with Jeremy Taylor, D.Div., a world-renowned author and dream worker and one of the founders of the Association for the Study of Dreams.  With over 40 years of dreamwork experience he has created an approach to understanding our dreams that is direct, profoundly simple and brilliantly effective.  In doing Projective Dream Work with clients I have noticed remarkable growth and healing -- in spite of overwhelmingly difficult life circumstances.  Without directly targeting issues such as emotional eating, childhood trauma, negative and false self-beliefs, and addictions, Projective Dream Work leads to resolution, acceptance and healing.

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